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Level 1- 345 Kapiti Road

Paraparaumu Beach

Tel: 022-648-3348

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December 17, 2016

Enjoy your day by getting what you want out of it, intention at Christmas is everything. Take time, just think about what Christmas means to you and what is most important to those around you. Don’t try and do everything or make everything perfect as it will just lead to pressure and disappointment. If you have thought out what is the most important bits of Christmas then you can concentrate on them and maybe get help with or miss out the other parts.

Remember to breathe, stay calm and present. Christmas is overwhelming even for people who love it. The organisation, the extra people, the food, the presents, the decorations - it’s stimulation and it can be exhausting. Taking a moment in the morning around this busy time, think of your breath, practice taking your inhale all the way down to the pit of your stomach, then swelling it all the way up to your collarbone, take a moment to hold in this lovely full satisfying breath, then exhale fully. When you exhale think of releasing all...

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March 14, 2017

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