New Pricing Structure FAQs

Q. I'm currently on a membership, will you put up my price?

A. No, you have the option to stay on your current membership and keep your old price, all we ask is that you sign up onto a years contract.

Q. Do I have to sign up to a contract now to be on the new membership?

A. Yes, both weekly and monthly memberships require 1 year contract, payment is set up as a direct debit with your bank account or a credit card/debit card.

Q. Does my membership roll over or do I have to renew at the end of my term.

A. No your contract does not roll over, after your years contract you'll have to sign a new one year contract to continue your membership.

Q. Will I be charged a dishonours fee if I miss a payment.

A. Yes, our online payment authority will charge you a $14.95 dishonours fee, only if you miss a payment.

Q. Can I put my membership on hold?

A. Yes, you can put your membership on hold for a max of 4 weeks within your 1 year contract.

Q. What if I've injured myself or become sick and I'm unable to make it to class, or I have to move to another part of the country, do I still have to pay the remaining amount on my contract.

A. No, we understand that life happens and circumstances change, we will need a Drs certificate or if you are moving the address of your new premises as confirmation.

Q. How do I cancel my membership?

A. You can cancel your membership by informing enSoul in writing which may be by email. Cancellation will take effect from your next direct debit date that is more than 3 days after receiving your request.

Q. Is there a time limit on the 10 trip pass now?

A. Yes, 10 trips have a 12 week expiration date from your 1st class.

For any further questions feel free to contact us at

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