Meditation and Lymphatic System

I am feeling so much better!! But wait there is more, today I continued and extended my meditation practice and it was really lovely. I was too relaxed today to move my Mala Bead through my hands so I just held them still. I had a lovely Meditation CD playing called Tibetan Chakra Meditations by Ben Scott and Christa Mitchell. The singing bowls were very calming and I didn't even really notice the music till I finished the meditation, I do think it helped to focus the mind however.

I am feeling amazing I think my body was struggling with dehydration and lack of quality breathe and the other benefits meditation brings to your life. However it doesn't mean I am going to stop there with my little life changes. I have a very sensitive lymphatic system. I often have swelling in the areas where the lymph nodes live and this can even be painful at times. The lymphatic system has no pump but it does a very important job, it relies on us to move the fluid around the body.

Think of your lymphatic system as a stagnant river. Only the movement of the wind can make it flow. Over time debris and gunk settles in the river. It is our job to make this river flow. So today I am adding 10 mins of bouncing on my kids trampoline to my routine. It doesn't have to be a trampoline, you can skip or run or jump up and down - do zumba. There are lots of yoga poses that assist in lymphatic drainage as you can come on down to class and I will assist you with some helpful yoga poses. I will also make this a bit of a focus this week. Another way to move your lymphatic fluid is massage, if you believe your system is struggling a massage is a great way to move the fluid and cleanse our the system.

I have heard from a few of you that are following the posts and also making little changes - I love hearing all about it . Let me know how you are feeling.Have a Wonderful happy day.

Love and Light


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