Your Spiritual Self

So here at enSoul we believe in your holistic well-being. Mind.Body.Soul. So if you want to be a true Soulfie you have to check in with your spiritual self from time to time even if you have your physical being humming like a fine oiled machine. I have talked about Reiki and the physical benefits or the most common ones like stress reduction and the initiation of the bodies healing response. However this week I am going to delve deeper and shed some light on my hand placements and what they are doing for you <3

So over a few posts I will break down the points in your body, for optimal well being we want this points to be Open and have energy freely flowing. Sometimes I am working with people who have such closed points that the energy bounces back into my hands - this can sometimes be confused with strong energy flowing as it feels strong for the Reiki provider however it's the exact opposite.

This morning I am going to focus on the Pineal Gland point which is at the crown of the head and the Brain point at the base of the skull. When open the Pineal Gland Point is for guidance by higher forces, seeing auras and light, radiating happiness. During high vibration the senses are sealed so that the spirit can leave through the centre at will. If it is closed you may experience delusions, illusions, headaches, erratic mood swings, victim, slave and pride issues. The Brain Point controls breathing and is called the Mouth of God. If the Brain Point is open then it supports inspiration and if it is closed it makes us feel burdened and suffocated. Feel free to chat to me about Reiki and what it may do for you as I am very passionate about people accessing their own energy and intuition. Having confidence in themselves. #ensoul #reiki #healing #bestversionofyou#wellbeing #holistichealth #reikimaster#gettingintouchwithyou

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